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The procedure for a student initiated Add/Drop/Course change is as follows:

  1. Students meet with school counselor to discuss proposed changes. If the requested change is possible and appropriate, the student will be given an Add/Drop form to complete. (Students are not permitted to leave a class and “walk into” the counseling office to discuss a change).
  2. The student must complete the form and obtain all required signatures. This includes signatures from the teacher from the course that will be added or dropped, a parent/guardian, and the principal. The form should then be returned to the counselor for final approval.
  3. Students must follow their current schedules until they are informed that a change has been made.

The deadline to add/drop Fall Semester/Full Year Courses is the 2nd Friday of the school year. The deadline to add/drop for the Spring Semester is the 1st Friday of the semester.

If a teacher, parent, counselor, or the Principal feels that the change is not appropriate, the change may not be granted.

Appeals will be heard by the Principal.