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 The Board of Education recognizes that interscholastic athletics for boys and girls is an integral and desirable part of the district’s school educational program. The goals of the Boquet Valley Central School Interscholastic Athletic program are to promote:

  • Teamwork and good sportsmanship,
  • Responsibility to a commitment,
  • Self-discipline,
  • Respect for authority,
  • Appreciation for individual differences in personalities and skill levels,
  • Physical health and fitness
  • Lifelong participation in healthy activities.

In addition to these goals, modified sports will have as its focus the teaching of fundamental skills and encouraging a broad-based participation regardless of skill level.
Student eligibility for participation on interscholastic teams shall include:

  • Parent permission.
  • Clearance by the school’s physician.
  • Completed Athletic Contract on file.
  • Compliance with the school’s Eligibility Policy.
  • Endorsement by the Superintendent of Schools based on established rules and MVAC (Mountain Valley Athletic Conference) and State Education Department regulations.

A. Athletic Contract

All students playing at any competition level must sign an Athletic Contract; parents/guardians must also sign the Contract. Coaches will issue a copy on or before the first day of practice and students must return them signed before they can participate. Students must live up to the terms of the Contract or face possible suspension or dismissal from a team.

All students participating in extra-curricular athletics and their parents/guardians are required to attend the pre-season information meeting. Any student or parent/guardian who is unable to attend the meeting must meet with the Athletic Coordinator (or designee) before the student may participate in practices or games.

For additional details regarding eligibility to participate in athletics, please refer to the Athletic Code of Conduct. Be advised that the Athletic Code of Conduct may be updated to meet needs and requirements.

B. Athletic Physicals

All students participating in interscholastic sports must have a physical before they are allowed to practice or try out for a team. Physicals are conducted by the school physician or by the student’s own family doctor. The physical is good for one calendar year. Any student who misses the scheduled physical exam must make arrangements with their own doctor to obtain a physical exam.

C. Teams

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