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Home Basketball Game Regulations

Student spectators are to sit in the bleacher sections reserved for students; loitering in the entrance of the gym is not permitted. Students are to remain in their seats until half time or between games. Similar to school dances, students who leave the building will not be allowed to return unless they receive prior permission from a chaperone.

There is no tobacco or alcohol use allowed in school buildings or on school property or at off site home contests in accordance with New York State Law. Food or beverages are not allowed in the gymnasium.

Students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at home basketball contests. Additionally, younger students may attend with the supervision of another responsible adult as designated by the student’s parent or guardian.

Wandering in the building outside the gym area may be considered trespassing and result in disciplinary consequences.

Other Sporting Event Regulations

Student spectators who attend BVCS outside sporting events should model safe, responsible and respectful behaviors. This means watching the game and being mindful of the other spectators around you. The behavior should be consistent with classroom behaviors and expectations. All comments for either team should be positive and respectful.