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The last time I presented this report was the week before school closed. Though so much has changed since then, the unwavering commitment of our staff has not. To that end, some things to celebrate:

Mr. Buehler continues to motivate us with his Griffin Workout of the Day, Keeping students and families moving and promoting a healthy mindset.

Our counselors(Mr. Payne and Mrs. Cross-Baker), clerical (Mrs. French and Ms.Keech), and senior advisors (Mrs. Brinkman and Mrs. Bisselle) joined us in helping make our CoValedictorian and Co-Salutatorian announcement special by buying balloons, and delivering the announcement to their homes. Again – a shout out to our Co-Valedictorians Aiden DeMuro and Annette Stephens and Co-Salutatorians Mackenzie Stephens and Bree Hunsdon.

Our counselors continue to work hard with all of the seniors on completing scholarship information and college and career plans. To date, 16 of our seniors have submitted their intended college choice. Mr. Payne and Mrs. Cross-Baker are also meeting with the rest of the student body 1:1 to discuss college and career pathways and scheduling for next year.

We’re currently on STEM challenge #4, of designing your own mask. We’re looking forward to seeing these come in as the bridge, boat, and rain shelter challenges clearly identified some budding engineers. Thank you to Mrs. Lackey, Ms. Morrow, and Ms. Fiegl for this collaboration.

Our students are participating in daily lessons and 1:1 interactions with their teachers and counselors. They’re having 7pm science zooms to share their nest projects in 5th grade, they’re receiving weekly newsletters from the AIS team – with tips for students and parents on improving skills, they’re watching flipgrids of pre-planned instruction in multiple disciplines, and are engaged in many more ways because of everyone’s hard work and dedication.

To conclude, we had a faculty meeting today with discussions on planning those typical end of the year ceremonies. Though those ceremonies will look anything but typical, we are still planning on celebrating the successes of our students and all of their accomplishments, including persevering through this unprecedented school year.


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