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Each of these plans are part of the larger BVCSD Reopening Plan.  These have been summarized below.

  1. Remote learning, including how to address equity issues (access to wi-fi and computers).
    1. We are aware of the inequity issues surrounding remote learning.  We believe that we have enough devices to successfully launch a successful remote learning option.  We have ordered (but not yet received) some mobile hot spots to assist with internet access issues.  Some of our students live in remote locations where there is very limited access to any internet.  Even if these students were given a hot spot, it would be unlikely that it would work due to the poor cellular signal. We have been working with various political leaders to eventually expand the range of broadband internet. More details can be found in the full plan.
    2. Students will be responsible for completing all necessary assignments, and be held accountable for any missed assignments.
  2. Testing – how and when we will test students.
    1. This is not the function of a school district.  No students will be tested on our campuses.  We will work closely with the Essex County Health Department, and the primary care providers to ensure that appropriate testing is occurring.
  3. Contact Tracing – how contact tracing will occur.
    1. The mobility of students has been limited for the upcoming school year.  Our understanding of contract tracing involves only people that have shared a space together for over 15 minutes.  This information will be documented via our attendance system, School Tool.
    2. We will look at the following questions:
      1. Which bus did the student ride, and who else was in proximity to this student on the bus?
      2. Which classrooms was this student in (for over 15 minutes), and who else was in proximity to this student in those classrooms?
      3. Were there other locations that the student spent over 15 minutes, if so, who else was in proximity to the student in those locations?