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To be considered domiciled within the District, the prospective student must show both a physical presence in the District, combined with an intent to remain (e.g., a fixed and permanent home). A showing of domicile (residence) may be made by presenting such documents as:

  • real property deeds
  • rental agreements
  • leases
  • rent checks
  • rent receipts
  • driver’s licenses
  • utility bills
  • voter registration cards
  • library cards
  • telephone listing
  • mail delivery
  • income tax returns
  • affidavits


The building administrator of the school where the parent/guardian applies should make the preliminary determination of residency for registration. This requires a minimum of two pieces of evidence to verify residency. If there is a question regarding the residency, the following additional types of documents may be requested for verification:

  • a deed or other proof of real property ownership
  • a lease or rental agreement
  • a utility bill in the parent/guardian’s name which shows an address within the district
  • the address on the parent/guardian’s driver’s license or non-driver identification card
  • a record of the parent/guardian’s voter registration
  • a recent income tax return showing the parent/guardian’s name and address within the district
  • a current paycheck stub showing the parent/guardian’s name and address within the district
  • documentation illustrating the parent/guardian is receiving public assistance benefits at an address within the district.


In the case of a person claiming residency by virtue of a shared domicile within the district, a notarized statement from a person with whom the family is sharing a home is not sufficient documentation. Further evidence of residency must be requested as above.